Where to Eat in Amsterdam on a Budget

Everyone’s favorite thing about traveling is eating, right? (Maybe that’s just me?) In Amsterdam, we loved having such a wide variety of cafes and restaurants at our fingertips, most of which were even within our budget. I was surprised by how easy it was to keep our breakfast and lunch meals in Amsterdam under €20 for the three of us! (That’s definitely not as easy to find in London!)

From traditional Dutch cuisine to some much-needed Mexican comfort food, we spent our days in Amsterdam trying all sorts of different foods and were hardly ever disappointed. In fact, all but one of the places we ate at completely exceeded our expectations. If you’re looking for recommendations for where to eat in Amsterdam on a budget, here are a few we personally tried that stood out from the crowd in terms of taste, atmosphere, and price!

Where to Eat in Amsterdam: Our Favorites

Where To Eat In Amsterdam On A Budget

Where To Eat In Amsterdam On A Budget

Where To Eat In Amsterdam On A Budget

Buon Appetito

Buon Appetito was one of our favorite places because of its central location (less than five minutes walk from our hotel – Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Centre), excellent prices, and their outdoor patio which was a perfect place to sit and wind down after a long day of walking and sight-seeing.

We tried two Dutch bar-food style dishes at Buon Appetito. The first was kroketten (croquettes), a cylindrical-shaped fried food filled with mashed potatoes, ground meat, and a brown sauce. To me, your typical southern girl, these tasted just like fried mashed potatoes and gravy. Delicious, but not so nutritious. (I still ordered them twice while we were in Amsterdam, though!)

The second, bitterballen (bitter balls – ha!), were quite similar to the croquettes. Another fried food, bitterballen are typically filled with a thick beef or veal ragout, refrigerated, and then deep fried. (We are so healthy on vacation!)

Address: Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 63, 1012 RE Amsterdam

Where To Eat In Amsterdam On A Budget

Where To Eat In Amsterdam On A Budget

Where To Eat In Amsterdam On A Budget

Fogata Restaurant

I’m practically drooling remembering how good these Dutch pancakes were at Fogata Restaurant! We each picked a pancake and then split them all three ways, like pancake pizza. We tried the ham and cheese, bacon, and chocolate. Dutch pancakes, or pannekoeken, are much larger than pancakes back home and are similar in consistency to crepes, with all sorts of ingredients mixed in to make a sweet or savory style pancake. We all agreed the chocolate was the best, for breakfast or dessert!

One thing we learned in Amsterdam is that not all pancake places are equal. We had a Dutch pancake breakfast at Pancake Corner in the Museumplein area and ended up very disappointed in the bland flavor and exorbitant prices. We should have just returned to Fogata again where the servers were friendly and the pancakes were scrumptious!

Address: Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 61, 1012 RE Amsterdam

Where To Eat In Amsterdam On A Budget

Where To Eat In Amsterdam On A Budget

The Original California Burrito Company

Go ahead and laugh – I ate Mexican food in Amsterdam. I don’t even feel bad about “wasting” one of my meals on it either. It had been three months since I’d had decent Mexican food and when we saw this place (or rather, smelled it), I almost shed a tear. I am completely unfamiliar with this chain in the US, so technically I was still trying something new!

The Original California Burrito Company definitely knows how to make a quesadilla! Large enough for two to share and packed with flavor, I couldn’t help but go back for lunch a second time. (Hey, it may be awhile before I find a proper Mexican restaurant in London. Cut me some slack!)

Address: Oude Leliestraat 5, 1016 BD Amsterdam

Where to Eat in Amsterdam: The Honorable Mentions

Almost as good as our top three favorites, the following places also come highly recommended. Apologies for the lack of photos – I don’t always remember to take pictures of my food before I dive in!

Cafe Corner House
(Traditional Dutch Pub Food)
Address: Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 119, 1012 RH Amsterdam

Melly’s Espresso & Cookie Bar
(Cookies & Other Desserts)
Address: Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 137, 1012 RJ Amsterdam

Ristorante Italiano Peppino
(Pizzas & Italian Dishes For €5)
Address: Leidsekruisstraat 30-32, 1017 RJ Amsterdam

If you have any recommendations to share for where to eat in Amsterdam on a budget, please leave them in the comments!

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Where To Eat In Amsterdam On A Budget

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  • Jo
    September 3, 2013 at 12:01 AM

    Okay, if you liked the food in Amsterdam you have to come to Belgium, our food is soooo much better ;)

  • Janette Johanson
    August 29, 2013 at 9:50 AM

    You lost me at veal ragout– I can’t even say that word outloud without biting my tongue.. but no worries, you made up for it with the Dutch Pancakes– I wonder if I have dutch in my blood!? hah… I’m hungry now- I really need to plan a trip over there to tag along with you! I’m desperate to try a CRONUT! Let me know if that makes it to the UK.. I’m actually hoping it makes it to Texas! google it. HEAVEN!

  • rorybore
    August 28, 2013 at 3:14 PM

    I’m starving.

    at the FanExpo convention I just attended, Pizza Pizza and Hot dogs were pretty much your only option. blah. just what I want to eat and then stand around all day waiting in lines.

  • Connie Weiss
    August 27, 2013 at 6:59 AM

    I love that you had Mexican food!

    There is a big group of Apple Developers that go to Amsterdam to work. I told Keith if someone asks him to go, he has to take me!

  • Ashlee - I'll Love You Forever
    August 27, 2013 at 5:43 AM

    Oh my goodness… looks so delicious!!

  • Caroline
    August 27, 2013 at 1:52 AM

    Drooling. Those Dutch pancakes, wowza!

  • Rebecca
    August 25, 2013 at 2:31 PM

    I haven’t been on for a while and just got all caught up on your trip! Looks amazing, and that food, YUMMMMMM! I would have major with problems if I couldn’t get my regular fix of Mexican food, glad you found some! Your pix are amazing, looks fabulous!

    PS. have been busy planning a wedding, Kate’s getting married in Oct on a small horse farm about 10 mins from here.

  • Tina @ Girl-Meets-Globe
    August 24, 2013 at 9:23 AM

    Yum!! It all looks good!! You know, London has Chipotle! I’ve heard Tortilla’s Mexican Restaurant is good, but have not tried it yet. We were sad when we heard Texas Embassy closed. It was good Tex-Mex!

  • Katrin
    August 24, 2013 at 3:47 AM

    We ate at a really great Italian place, unfortunately I don’t remember the name. It was a tiny restaurant but the owner was so friendly and the food soo good. We also had some fantastic Asian food there. It’s really time for another Amsterdam visit!
    And I would also love to read about your Indian food experiences. :)

  • Postcards from Rachel
    August 24, 2013 at 3:21 AM

    Yum, now I want to go back to Amsterdam. Those pancakes are delicious!!!

  • Nicole
    August 24, 2013 at 2:37 AM

    You’re on vacation! You’re not supposed to eat healthy!! Those pancakes look AMAZING!!! Makes me want to eat about 5 of them right now!

  • Stacie Stamper
    August 24, 2013 at 12:27 AM

    Those pancakes look delish…and I laughed so loud when you put this quesadilla pic on IG. My husband would be the same way if you took him away from his beloved Mexican cuisine!

  • Erin P
    August 23, 2013 at 11:00 PM

    Ha…that sounds delicious! All of it! I wouldn’t have passed up the Mexican food either. When you’re on vacation, no excuses are necessary!

  • Kerry
    August 23, 2013 at 10:38 PM

    Croquettes, Quesadillas and Dutch Pancakes??? I’m booking my air ticket right now! lol

    Oh and maybe that California Burrito Company isn’t actually a chain in the USA? Just like the Outback Steakhouse isn’t a chain over here in Australia!! You would have done enough walking to work it all off anyhow btw so I wouldn’t worry ;)