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Welcome to The Wanderblogger! I’m so happy you’ve stopped by!

I’m Sarah, and I’ve been writing tales about traveling and expat life overseas on this site for a little over six years now.

We are a family of three who do the school and work thing like regular folks, but we make it a priority to take advantage of every long weekend, holiday, and vacation day to see just a little bit more of the world than we had before. And we do it all as frugally as possible so we can keep this travel-gig up as long as we can!

But we weren’t always this way.

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Our Story

If I’ve learned anything so far, it’s that the most defining moments of our lives are, more often than not, the things we never saw coming.

Seven years ago, we lived in an old house in the country we thought we’d live in forever. Back then, every ounce of spare energy (and income!) went into bringing our house into the 21st century, taking care of twenty acres of land, and raising the chickens I insisted people who lived in the country had to have.

And then we went on a 16-day trip through India with my family.

That was it.

After we came back, the life I’d been content with before just felt like it was missing something. I craved the excitement of being forced out of my comfort zone and longed to see more of the world we’d only so far had just a tiny taste of.

And so it began, this extraordinary and unexpected life of travel and exploration that I’ve carefully worked to preserve on this blog these past several years.

From the day we sat down with a bowl of chips and salsa and spontaneously decided to see if we could make living overseas a reality to last June when we boarded our final long haul flight as expats (for a while) and made our way back to Tennessee, we’ve never once stopped being grateful for the opportunities and experiences we’ve been blessed with. And the ride’s not nearly over yet.

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The Expat Life

If you’re interested, you can read our many tales of the ups and downs of expat life in London and Singapore (and the uncharted waters repatriation has put us into) via the links below.

For those considering a move overseas to London or Singapore (the answer is YES, absolutely do it!), you’ll find all of our London expat posts here and our Singapore ones here.

You might also find these helpful:

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The Travel Life

While our expat status may be on hold for a few years, our passion for travel is still going strong! We’ve turned our sights from Europe and Asia to North America and are finally doing some proper exploring of our own country for the first time.

Navigating through the six years of travel content on this blog can be a bit of a chore, so I’ve tried to break it up as logically as possible. The menu bar above has every country I’ve written about so far listed out by continent under the Destinations tab. Or you can just visit this page.

If you’re not sure where you want to go, but have an idea of the sort of holiday you’re after, our Travel Inspiration page is the perfect place to start.

Some of my favorite travel posts are:

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The Blog Life

What originally began as a digital time capsule of our expat years has turned into somewhat of a real-life job. At least a part-time one, anyway.

If this is your first visit and you’re interested in hearing how this blog was started, how it makes money, or what sort of articles you’ll typically see published, a peek over here will tell you everything you need to know.

If you’d like to learn more about me and the rest of the family, you can hear me awkwardly talk about myself here. (FYI – that’s also where you’ll find more info on how we travel!)

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As always, thanks for reading. I hope you’ll stick around!