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A Guide to Harry Potter Film Locations in Lacock, England

If there was ever a good place to be a movie location scout, it would be the UK. Seriously, the possibilities are endless here. Crumbling fairytale castles – check. Windswept cliffs beside the sea – check. Famous monuments easily recognized by everyone on the planet – check. Charming villages in the countryside – triple check. (I mean, have you seen the Cotswolds?)

Given how much of the UK is naturally “camera-ready”, it’s really no surprise that a significant portion of all eight Harry Potter films were filmed outside the studio. From the highlands in Scotland to the colleges in Oxford and all the little towns in between, there are an abundance of Harry Potter filming locations to be discovered all over the UK.

While we were out for the day visiting Stonehenge and Avebury, we decided to make a special pit stop in nearby Lacock to check out the village whose streets and sights featured in at least three of the Harry Potter films. We quickly discovered that while Lacock does, indeed, look like it was created specifically with the film industry in mind, there is more to this friendly small town than its attractive exterior.

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Honey-colored stone cottages in Lacock, England

Pretty cottage in Lacock, England Charming cottage in Lacock, England

Jams and chutneys for sale on the street in Lacock village

Visiting Lacock, England

From its storybook streets with a seemingly endless supply of picturesque English cottages to the beautiful historic abbey that sits on the outskirts of town, it’s not hard to see why Lacock has been used in the filming of so many movies, Harry Potter included.

Unexpectedly well-preserved for its age, Lacock played a pivotal role in England’s wool trade during the Middle Ages. These days, the majority of the village is owned by the National Trust to ensure it retains its classic English charm for generations to come.

Lacock’s most visited historic attraction is Lacock Abbey, but the town also has a 14th century church (St Cyriac’s) worth popping into, and an old tithe barn built around the same time, both of which are free to enter.

History and half-timbered cottages aside, I believe my favorite part about visiting this town was being able to spend time in a place that appears fairly unaffected by tourism, despite its popularity with tourists. By that I mean, chain restaurants and souvenir shops haven’t entirely taken over, and meringues, jellies, and various other handmade goods are still sold via the honor system outside of people’s homes – just take whatever you like and leave money in the box, simple as that.

On the day we visited, Lacock’s Boy Scouts were holding a fundraiser at the community center and we were kindly invited in for sausage and egg sandwiches and friendly conversation. The whole village had such a warm and homey atmosphere, I just couldn’t help but fall in love with it.

But you came here to hear about Harry Potter in Lacock, so let’s move on before I spend another two paragraphs gushing about how lovely this town is.

Harry Potter Filming Locations in Lacock

Lacock streets used as the town of Budleigh Babberton in Harry Potter

The Town of Budleigh Babberton

Wandering the main streets of Lacock, you’ll likely recognize them as one and the same as those making up the town of Budleigh Babberton in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Quick glimpses of Lacock’s streets are shown as Harry and Dumbledore make their way to and from the temporary home of Horace Slughorn at the beginning of the movie. A few other sights in town will look very familiar to fans as well…

Lacock house used as the home of Lily and James Potter in Harry Potter

The Home of Lily and James Potter

Located on Church Street, this lovely cottage stood in for the home of Lily and James Potter in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. It features in the flashback scenes of the night Voldemort arrived in Godric’s Hollow and murdered Harry’s parents. Obviously, this place looks far more cheerful in real life than it appears in the movie, so you’ll have to try extra hard to imagine the menacing, cloaked figure of Voldemort opening the cottage’s wooden gate and making his way up to the house while you’re here.

Fun Fact: In later movies, an entirely different cottage was used for the Potters’ home in Godric’s Hollow. You’ll be able to see it in the backlot of the Warner Bros. Studio in London when you reserve a spot on The Making of Harry Potter tour.

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Lacock house used as the home of Horace Slughorn in Harry Potter

Horace Slughorn’s Hideout

At the beginning of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Horace Slughorn is temporarily holed up in a home belonging to some unnamed muggles away on holiday in the town of Budleigh Babberton. The real-life counterpart to Slughorn’s hideout can be found on Chapel Hill in the center of Lacock. Just like with the Potters’ house, you’ll have to use your imagination to see it as gloomy as it appears in the movie, though, because it’s actually quite a beautiful home.

Sidenote: Dumbledore introducing Harry to Slughorn is one of my favorite scenes from this movie. I always find it so satisfying to watch Dumblebore put the house back together after Slughorn destroys it to keep the Death Eaters from discovering him. Anyone else love that part, too?

Lacock Abbey whose rooms often stood in for Hogwarts in the Harry Potter films

Lacock Abbey, aka Hogwarts

Lacock Abbey is one of many places across the UK whose rooms were used for scenes taking place inside the beloved Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Featuring primarily in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, visitors are allowed inside the abbey, but it’ll cost you a few galleons. (Tickets are available for purchase from the National Trust website here.)

Inside, several of Lacock Abbey’s rooms with high, sweeping ceilings and mysterious corners served as Hogwarts classrooms, including Professor Snape’s Potions classroom and Professor Quirrell’s Defense Against the Dark Arts class. The abbey’s elegant cloisters were transformed into corridors at Hogwarts for both of the first two movies as well, and if you drop by the Chapter House, you’ll recognize the room where Harry stumbled upon the Mirror of Erised for the first time.

Quintessential English village, small town vibes, and a handful of Harry Potter locations to discover – Lacock makes an excellent pit stop on a day trip from London. Have you ever traveled somewhere simply to see where one of your favorite movies was filmed?

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A muggle's guide to Harry Potter film locations in Lacock, England - a beautifully preserved medieval village in the Wiltshire Cotswolds. A muggle's guide to Harry Potter film locations in Lacock, England - a beautifully preserved medieval village in the Wiltshire Cotswolds.

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    One of my great disappointments so far in traveling to the UK is that I’ve never been long enough to get out of London – definitely will need to remedy that. Would love visiting here!

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    gorgeous little village!I’d love to visit it

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    What a gorgeous little village! I was Dumbledored to see how many filming locations are here, I assumed most were the well known spots. Adding Lacoste to my long list of hidden spots to visit in the U.K., most discovered from reading your blog! Like Betws y coed :)

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      Dumbledored – haha! :)

      Ahhhh, Betws-y-Coed. I’d return there in a heartbeat. Let’s plan a trip!

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    Never heard of this town, but it looks so charming! I have never visited a place, because one of my favorite movies was filmed there

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      Until Harry Potter, we hadn’t either! :)