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Get To Know Us

About Sarah

Hey, I’m Sarah, the writer here at The Wanderblogger.

Originally from Tennessee, I got my first taste of life overseas at the age of 13 when my family upped sticks and moved to Singapore. Quite out of character for my family, having lived in the same city our entire lives up to that point, that adventure ignited a passion for travel and living outside my own culture that I couldn’t wait to experience again.

I was able to fourteen years later, with my own family this time, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

In the years in between overseas moves, I graduated college with a degree in Communications and English Literature, and then proceeded to never use either in any professional capacity. I skipped from job to job after college, accepting that I was the sort for whom all jobs would grow painfully dull after a year before I’d have to switch it up again. (Jack of all trades, master of none is the first line on my resume.)

Then, the thing I’d most hoped for since returning home so many years before fell into our laps – we were offered the opportunity to move to London. It was through that move I discovered travel blogging and freelance writing and am miraculously still doing both six years later. (Well, with breaks here and there, but it’s the closest I’ve come to a real career, so I’m claiming it!)

Besides writing and traveling, I also love:

  • Photography – While I’m nowhere near good enough to call myself a photographer, I do enjoy taking twice as many photos as necessary every time we travel somewhere new.
  • Running, yoga, and staying fit – Yep, even while traveling. I know, it’s ridiculous.
  • Nutrition – In another life, I think I would have made a fairly decent dietitian since the only thing I enjoy as much as eating is learning about food and how it fuels the body. (Nerd alert.)
  • Learning languages – But make no mistake, I’m not actually very good at any of them. I’m pretty sure I offend everyone when I speak anything other than English.
  • Anything outdoors – Except bugs. Hikes, camping, wandering aimlessly for hours and smelling permanently like trees – all okay. Bugs, not so much.

When it comes to countries, I don’t play favorites, but I will say my favorite trips are ones where we spend the majority of our time outside, whether that be treading carefully along the cobblestone streets of a medieval European city or climbing breathlessly to the top of a mountain for a good view.

Get To Know Us

About the Rest of the Fam

Cory is my business-minded better half. He doesn’t write on The Wanderblogger, but he does edit every single post you’ll read here which means you can place blame for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes squarely with him. :) His photos also feature here regularly.

He’s a finance director by day, all-around awesome human being at least 75% of the time, and exhibits superhuman navigating abilities when we travel without which we would almost certainly never make it anywhere on time, or ever.

Prior to our move to London, the biggest move Cory had ever made was from Iowa to Tennessee, and we’re both really freaking grateful he made that one since otherwise we’d likely never have met.

After dating for a whole three months in 2002, we were engaged. Six months later, we were married. Fifteen years later, we’re still married. I know all couples probably say this about their partners and it will almost certainly have you rolling your eyes, but there is no one better suited for each other than Cory and I.

Cory loves:

  • Carrying fifteen pounds of camera equipment on his back 16 hours a day when we travel.
  • Annoying Sarah with his incessant sports-watching on weekends.
  • Sleeping on the couch.
  • Golfing. For what reason, isn’t immediately clear.
  • Holidays where the relax/do-all-the-things balance leans a little more towards do-nothing-at-all-for-three-days-except-sleep-and-eat.

Only some of those are true. I’ll let you guess which ones.

Lex is our kind, hilarious, fun-loving 16-year-old daughter. We’re lucky she enjoys traveling as much as we do because it’s been a big part of her life for most of what she can remember.

Having been the new kid at a total of seven schools so far, she’s pretty much a pro at adjusting to any situation and making friends. (Proudly patting self on back for ticking at least two things off the parenting checklist.)

Lex is a junior in high school now which means our days of traveling as a family (at least all of the time) are numbered. With college on the horizon, lots of things will be changing around here – both for her, and us. Never thought I’d be an empty-nester in my mid-30’s, but here we are.

Lex loves:

  • When our travels take us somewhere she can pet animals all day.
  • Not being cold.
  • Eating so much pasta she has to walk around for several hours afterwards with her top button undone.
  • Walking until the soles of her shoes wear out. RIP every shoe Lex has ever worn.
  • Reading five books in the same time it would take a normal human to read one.

All of those are true, actually.

Get To Know Us

How We Like to Travel

We’re not digital nomads. We live pretty normal lives most of the time. We work, we go to school, and we have regular social lives here in Nashville. But when a school holiday or long weekend pops up, you can bet we’re taking advantage of it by hopping on a plane or taking a road trip to somewhere we’ve never been before.

When we travel, we almost always do it over a weekend or a holiday so that we only have to use 1-2 vacation days for each trip. All of the trips we take are between 2-5 nights – any less and we wouldn’t have enough time to see and do what we came for, any more and it would be hard for us to stay within our budget. Short, affordable breaks are totally our travel style.

Speaking of affordable, we try to keep each of our trips under $1,500 USD for the three of us. That includes flights, hotel, food, everything. We’re not always able to do it, but when we do go over, we make up for it by taking a cheaper trip next time.

To stick to our travel budget, we have become well-versed in the joys of flying budget airlines. We avoid all the extra fees these airlines are notorious for by always reading the fine print and flying carry-on only, every time. We have a maximum budget of $100/night for our hotel which means we usually have to walk a little further to get to the sights, but we don’t mind walking (see point above about Lexie’s shoes) and enjoy the quiet that comes with staying further away from often crazy tourist areas.

As for how we like to spend our time in a destination, first, we like to sleep in and enjoy a leisurely breakfast…just kidding. If you read here long enough, you’ll know if we aren’t up by sunrise, we usually are shortly after. Large crowds are one of the things we enjoy least about traveling, so we avoid them (as much as we can) by hitting the most popular sights on our itinerary first thing in the morning and saving the more obscure items on our list for later in the day.

Whether we’re staying in a city or a scenic destination, we try to make sure the majority of the things on our itinerary are free. (Unswayed by the travel-like-a-local trend, we do almost always visit a city’s most famous sights, even if they aren’t free.) Our main interests while traveling are getting outside (we like to hike), finding beautiful places to photograph, experiencing a bit of culture, and, of course, eating.

With the whole United States (and Europe and Southeast Asia in the past) at our fingertips, we feel pretty grateful to be able to travel like we do. We hope to inspire you and help you do the same through this blog!