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See You Soon!

While the solstice marked the official start of summer last week, for me, the flip-flops-grilling-out-cold-drinks-on-the-patio season doesn’t truly begin until Lexie is out of school. And that, my friends, is today! At 4pm, Lexie will burst through the front door, all smiles, prepared to burn everything in her schoolbag and forget for the next eight weeks that she’ll ever have to go back to school again, and I’ll be more than happy to join her in that fantasy.

We’ve got one fun summer planned. Here’s a look at what we’ve got going on:

Go back to Nashville and Memphis for 9 days

Home for a week

See three cities in Belgium

Home for 1.5 weeks

See three or four cities in Spain

Home for 1.5 weeks

Back to school

In between those trips we’ve got both family and friends coming through London at different times on their summer vacations, so it’s shaping up to be a very full two months. I may be around here and there, or maybe not. If eight weeks do go by as quickly as I expect they will and I don’t manage to get back over here until the end of August, I hope you all have a sunny, rejuvenating summer filled with travel, loved ones, and days spent outside with your feet propped up doing absolutely nothing. Feel free to follow along on Instagram if you want to stay in touch over the break! I’ll see you soon!

(I’m trying not to cringe. I’m such an awkward selfie-taker.)

See You Soon!

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