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See You Soon!

While the solstice marked the official start of summer last week, for me, the flip-flops-grilling-out-cold-drinks-on-the-patio season doesn’t truly begin until Lexie is out of school. And that, my friends, is today! At 4pm, Lexie will burst through the front door, all smiles, prepared to burn everything in her schoolbag and forget for the next eight weeks that she’ll ever have to go back to school again, and I’ll be more than happy to join her in that fantasy.

We’ve got one fun summer planned. Here’s a look at what we’ve got going on:

Go back to Nashville and Memphis for 9 days

Home for a week

See three cities in Belgium

Home for 1.5 weeks

See three or four cities in Spain

Home for 1.5 weeks

Back to school

In between those trips we’ve got both family and friends coming through London at different times on their summer vacations, so it’s shaping up to be a very full two months. I may be around here and there, or maybe not. If eight weeks do go by as quickly as I expect they will and I don’t manage to get back over here until the end of August, I hope you all have a sunny, rejuvenating summer filled with travel, loved ones, and days spent outside with your feet propped up doing absolutely nothing. Feel free to follow along on Instagram if you want to stay in touch over the break! I’ll see you soon!

(I’m trying not to cringe. I’m such an awkward selfie-taker.)

See You Soon!

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  • Heather@mylittleredsuitcase

    have a great summer, look forward to hearing all about it!

  • I do miss those long summer holiday breaks :-). Your plans sound great. Looking forward to reading all about it once everything is back to normal again. Enjoy the summer!

  • Hope you have an amazing summer! :) Enjoy this break with your family, you deserve it! But know that I’ll be super excited to hear about your summer adventures already! :)

  • Your plans sound amazing! Have a wonderful summer, Sarah ;)

  • Love your picture, you are so adorable! Sounds like a fantastic summer! Have lots of fun and safe travels! Can’t wait to read about everything! :)

  • …Where in Spain are you thinking about going???…Have a WONDERFUL time, and safe travels wherever you go, :-)!!…

    • Well, nothing is set just yet, but right now we’re thinking – Seville, Ronda, Malaga, and Nerja – all in the Andalusia region. Ever been over that way?

      • …YES–I visited Andalucía last year!!…Out of your list, I went to Ronda and Sevilla…I actually enjoyed Ronda more, for some reason…

        • I think Ronda will be my favorite, too. It looks like such a pretty little town!

          • …It IS!!…I don’t know, to me, Sevilla was just O.K.–not that it was a bad place, but I didn’t enjoy it AS MUCH as say, Córdoba or Granada…
            But then again, I arrived to the city on a Saturday, and when I left my hotel on Sunday to try to do something, EVERYTHING was closed!!…

          • Even the Alcazar and the Cathedral? I hope at least one of those will be open on Sunday because our first day there is a Sunday!

          • …Well, it IS Spain, so everything pretty much shuts down!!…
            However, I’m thinking you can visit the Catedral after Mass!!…

  • T. L.

    Have a great summer! It sounds like you guys have some really awesome weeks ahead of you! I am looking forward to seeing some pictures,either when you have time… or in the fall :) I hope you are still able to post a little on Instagram!!

  • Have a wonderful summer!

  • Hooray for summer!!! You have a full calendar but it all sounds wonderful! xo

  • What a cute selfie, Sarah! And my goodness, it sounds like you have a fabulously fun summer ahead of you!

  • What a wonderful summer!!

  • Gorgeous!! Have a great summer!!

  • topchelseagirl

    Wow 8 weeks off, how lucky. Have fun!

  • Gina

    Have a wonderful summer Sarah. Enjoy! :)

  • rorybore

    that’s a busy summer!! Go enjoy and we will enjoy what I don’t doubt will be a stunning and beautiful photo explosion when you do return! :)

  • Stacie Stamper

    Have fun and take lots of pics to share!

  • Jo

    Yip I will really see ou soon! Can’t wait!

    • I’m so excited!! Back when we lived in TN, I never thought I’d EVER be able to come to Belgium and see you. Now it’s only a 2-hour train ride away! :) See you soon!

  • Ah! That’s amazing! I can’t wait to hear all about your trips! Be safe, have fun!

  • Have a wonderful summer, Sarah! All those plans sound great. I think it must be lovely to spend some time back ‘home’ in the states and then here at home with family and friends over :)
    Hope that Spain isn’t too hot and Belgium not to rainy! I’m curious about which cities you’ll be visiting. Looking forward to reading all about it when Lexie goes back to school and you resume your blogging.
    Big hug!

    P.s. that selfie is great!

    • I’m already planning for over 100F temperatures in Spain. It’ll be like visiting India in the summer all over again! :) In Spain we will be going to Seville, Ronda, Malaga, and hopefully Nerja. In Belgium we’ve got Brussels, Bruges, and Ghent on the list. I think both trips will end up being pretty fantastic. The Brussels trip will definitely be the more relaxing of the two – all we plan on doing there is walking around and EATING! :)

  • connieaw

    Have fun!! Our Summer Break is half over already.

  • Anna

    Aww have an amazing summer holiday! See you in the blogosphere when you get back! x

  • Have a great summer Sarah! Sounds absolutely amazing. :)

  • Have a great summer!


  • I hope you’re having a wonderful summer! It definitely sounds like it will be packed with all kinds of things to do. I look forward to catching up with you in the fall!

  • YEEEEEEEEEEEEEhaw! You’re back!
    I’ve missed you!! Mwah!
    Tammy x

  • PS… I’m loving the new Blog look…
    Are you sure you’re not a professional? I will hire you!!! My blog always looks like it just got out of bed! haha!

    • Awww, thanks! Just a new header. That’s all I know how to do. I’d love to have a complete redesign by a professional, but I’m too cheap to pay for it! :)

  • Wow, you must be really enjoying your holidays! Looking forward to seeing what you got up to :).

    • They’ve been lovely, thanks! I may try to get back into the swing of things next week. We’ll see…this break has been good for helping me get my priorities straight! :)

  • I miss you! I just jumped on your blog to look around. Hope you are having a fab summer xx

    • Hey Sammy! I’ve missed you, too! This has been an amazing summer – one that I’ll be very sad to see end. But I am looking forward to blogging again – I’ll be back next week…probably.