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About Sarah
Hi, and welcome to The Wanderblogger! My name is Sarah. I’ve been an expat for six years – first as a teenager in Singapore, and (much more recently!) here in the lovely city of London with my husband and teenage daughter. In the past 13 years or so, our lives have gone through quite a few transformations. We started out as struggling college students, new parents, and newlyweds in Memphis, Tennessee. Then we moved on to become working professionals and Disney addicts in sunny Orlando, Florida before moving back to Tennessee a few years later and raising chickens on 22 acres of farmland outside Nashville. (Clearly we like drastic changes!) Our current, yet temporary, status is as expats in London, England. Up next – who knows?

I’ve had a passion for travel ever since my first expat experience in Singapore in 1997. But just as much as I enjoy jetting off to other countries and places I’ve yet to explore, I also love having a homebase and building a life in the same place for a few years. We’re not perma-travelers. We live pretty normal lives most of the time. We work, we go to school, we have regular social lives, and we explore the city we live in regularly, but when a school break or extra long weekend pops up, you can bet we’re taking full advantage of it by hopping on the first plane, train, or bus straight out of London! With Europe at our fingertips, we feel pretty grateful to be able to travel like we do.

As for the other things I love, when I’m not traveling or planning a trip or recovering from one, I like to run. Healthy eating and fitness are extremely important to me, so while I’m certainly guilty of skipping a workout or indulging in something that’s going to make me bloat up to the size of a small manatee, I do try (most of the time) to keep those moments in check. I love being outside. Even though I live pretty far from any mountains or even the coast, I’ve found places in the city where I can get my nature-fix, and that is usually where you can find me.

Like most bloggers, I take an extraordinary amount of pictures for someone who’s not a professional photographer. I’m slowly teaching myself how to take them better, though, and I love watching my skills improve. (A quick look back through past posts will show you what I mean! Ha!) Otherwise, I like filling my time with blogging (sometimes), learning languages, and anything else that helps me ignore the boring stuff like cleaning, cooking, and shaving my legs.

About The Blog
The Wanderblogger is where I share all of our personal travel stories, photos, and tips. As (I hope!) you’ll notice right away, this blog is not about making money or creating posts for the purpose of getting a lot of shares or clicks. Instead, I write to preserve our memories, but also to share them with you in a way that I hope will inspire you to want to see these places, too! In the very rare event that I have accepted something for free, I always disclose that information, and would never endorse something I didn’t truly love or enjoy.

Articles here on The Wanderblogger focus on expat life and traveling as a family on a budget. Not a backpacker-style budget, but a middle-of-the-road sort of budget. We travel cheaper so we can travel more often! I share all of our tips and tricks in my posts so that you can take advantage of them, too. As a family of three, we know how difficult it is to budget and plan for a family trip, so hopefully what we share here will be of use to you.

There are a lot of incredible travel blogs out there. That you’ve taken the time to read mine means a lot. If you think you’d like to stick around and read more, you can subscribe via Bloglovin’ or connect with me on social media. Happy travels!